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Every year a new set of men and women are welcomed into the world of hair loss. In recent years, this number has started to slowly rise. The increasing number is often due to hair loss causes unrelated to old age, such as stress, underlying medical illnesses, or medical treatments. Because of the many different ways in which one can lose their hair, herbal supplement manufacturers and pharmaceutical manufacturers have begun to develop various hair loss supplements.

All commercial supplements have varying success rates. Despite this fact, the market is still flooded by pills and topical treatments that are said to help a person's hair loss problem. What many fail to realize is that often times the success of these supplements can (and are usually) still dependent on the person's health and diet. It is because of this that many people believe that the best supplements are those that are natural or are absorbed through the food that we eat. Among these supplements are vitamins B, C, and E, and amino acids.

Amino acids are found in food. They are a natural supplement that ensure good blood circulation and stimulates hair growth while making current hair stronger. Two natural amino acids that can help hair loss are L-lysine and L-arganine. The former can be found in many healthy foods such as vegetables and beans, while the latter can be found in nuts and seafood. The latter is also said to help increase the body's absorption of nitric acid, which should stimulate hair growth. Some commercial supplements contain both these amino acids.

For women suffering from hair loss, the use of supplements is usually the best way to solve the problem. Most female hair loss begins by hair thinning, and this is the first sign that a supplement needs to be used. Among the commercial supplements available, Sephren, which is a combination of a nutritional supplement and a foam treatment is said to be very effective.

Keep in mind that before treating any form of hair loss, especially sudden hair loss, it is important to first determine the cause of the problem. Hair loss supplements can prove futile if there is an underlying condition and the wrong issues are being addressed. Try going for supplements that are specific to a hair loss problem. It is also important to remember that the sooner hair loss vitamins, supplements, and preventive methods are begun, the better chances you have for keeping a full head of hair.

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