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Hair Loss VitaminsBaldness is a problem many people face. It often occurs in males, and often happens at a certain age. This most common type of baldness is known as androgenic alopecia (also known as male pattern baldness,) and it actually starts off as hair thinning. Though men in the past have usually accepted their baldness, many modern men do not like what this trait symbolizes, that they are getting old. As a result, men have started looking for solutions for baldness including some natural hair loss treatments. It seems hair loss vitamins are the answer.

Like many other aspects of our body, our hair can use vitamins. Hair uses these vitamins to grow, have strong strands, and look shiny and healthy. Since science has been able to identify which vitamins the hair needs, it seems logical that taking these vitamins will help restore hair. Unfortunately, no study has been able to identify a vitamin that will specifically help stop or reverse the hair loss problem. This doesn't mean that it won't work. It simply means science doesn't have enough evidence to say that it definitely will. There are many people who have given testimony that these vitamins can work, but it could also be a matter of genetics.

Some scientific studies have shown that Vitamin D may be helpful, while other studies have shown that multivitamins are a good option as well. Perhaps it is because multivitamins contain Vitamin B, Calcium, Folate, Iron, and Zinc, all of which can help a person have strong healthy growing hair. What might work best is to try and protect or preserve hair with the vitamins or supplements because preventing hair loss can be an easier task than reversing it.

Keep in mind that these vitamins will not address other reasons or causes behind hair loss, such as those that are related to underlying medical conditions. If you are experiencing sudden hair loss, or if you feel like you're at an age where you shouldn't be losing your hair yet, see a doctor to make sure nothing is wrong.

So if you are bald or balding, does this mean you should forget about hair loss vitamins? Not at all. If taken correctly, hair loss vitamins can't do any harm, and may just do some good. Many claim that they work for them, and you may be among those that it will work for. Plus, there are research teams working on solving the hair loss problem. Before you know it, they'll find the right vitamins for hair loss reversal!

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